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Innowers is an interesting app that lets you follow, watch, and manage the users that interest you on the social network, YouNow.

YouNow is a social network based on broadcasting and streaming where people from all over the world only need a webcam to start emitting live videos that can reach thousands of people. However, since your schedule may make it impossible for you to watch these live broadcasts or you might not even be aware they're happening sometimes ... that's what Innowers is for. It's a program that lets you easily manage your subscriptions.

See your favorite streamers' activity at any time, receive notifications when one starts broadcasting and watch the programs that have already been broadcast previously, thanks to the program's automatic storage system. This means you don't even have to have the program open to save everything to your computer that you don't want to miss. Innowers is both simple to use and doesn't require installation, making it an essential app for fans of live videos who don't want to miss a thing.
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